Ascent Mode is a mode that any lifeform, be it natural or artificial, can turn into temporarilly. Ascent Mode enhances the powers and abilities (be they natural or unnatural) of someone to unprecidented levels, allowing them to take on opponents they wouldn't normally be able to.

Like the Aura Power 'Aura Storm', however, use of an Ascent Mode will leave the user exhausted for a period of time after use. The sole exception to this is Alice's Masquerade Transformation, leading people to wonder whether it is a true Ascent Mode or not.

How to Attain Ascent ModeEdit

Ascent Mode can be attained in a variaty of ways, but most of them involved some kind of mental event to trigger the transformation. Others, such as Alice Gehabich's, require the usage of a specific item to trigger the event.

Known Ascent ModesEdit

Here is a list of individuals with known Ascent modes, the Ascent Mode's name, and how they attain it: