Classes are different classifications of different types of combatants in the universe. While each person in unique in how they fight, there are ways of organizing them into specific groups.

This page lists those classes, and what the usual traits of that class are.




Spec OpsEdit





An Arcanist is an individual that utilizes the little-known and mysterious forces of the universe to fight. Many of these individuals are physically weak, but extremely powerful supernatural fighters.



Trainer is the generic term for people who fight using summons or captured creatures to do the direct fighting, while they give the orders. Such combatants come in several forms, such as Bakugan, Pokemon, even Espers and Eidolons which overlap the boundaries of an Arcanist's domain. The different 'Trainer' sub-classes refer not to the 'training' style, but rather the type of creature used.

Trainer - PokemonEdit

Brawler - BakuganEdit

Conjurer - EsperEdit

Conjurer - EidolonEdit


A Multi-Class is someone who is skilled in multiple forms of combat. An example of someone like this is a sword-wielding Meleeist who also uses the powers of an Arcanist.

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