Experiment X-O9Q - Natalia Llehctim
Natalia Llehctim
Natalia sitting in a field, thinking
Vital statistics
Aliases/Callsigns Nat, Disruptor
Affiliation Hellcat Squadran
Position Honorary Member
Physical Age 10
Gender female
Physical Abilities None
Psychological Abilities Intellectual Brilliance, Intense Focusing Ability
Supernatural Abilities Black Fire Sub-Elemental, Molecular Agitation, Time Elemental, Aura Powers, Chaos Powers, Shadow Elemental, Ectoplasmic Powers (Can only use sets of 3 types of powers at a single time)
Being Power Tier Level 7
Equipment Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Species Modified Human Clone
Height 4 feet, 4 inches
Weight 69 pounds
Hair Color brown
Eye Color black
Psychological attributes
Alignment Neutral Good (With Lawful Tendencies)
Class Arcanist
Personality Type Knight

Experiment X-O9Q, more commonly called Natalia Llehctim, is a being of incredible power. She's one of the owners of the Hope's Shard, and is currently on a journey of self-discovery, to find her true potential. Her companions are friends she made on her journey that joined her on her adventure.

Natalia serves as the main protagonist of Hellcat Squadran: Natalia's Journey, being the title character of the spinoff.


During her journey, however, she seemed to grow in personality and character. She's very mature, despite her apparent physical age. She dislikes being treated like a little girl, and believes she is more than capable of handling herself.

Like her brother, she puts high value in loyalty, and as such, remains loyal to her friends, even in the most dire of circumstances.