UNSC Blue Comet
UNSC Destroyer
the UNSC Blue Comet
Production Information
Manufacturer UNSC
Class UNSC K-Type Destroyer
Type Destroyer
Commissioned 2234
Destroyed N/A
Technical specifications
Power System/Reactor Deuterium nuclear fusion reactor
Propulsion System Fusion Engines
Faster-Than-Light Drive Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine
Shielding Regenerative Shield Grid
Hull 2 meters Titanium-A battleplate
Sensor Systems Standard UNSC Sensor Package
Armaments Various
  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (2)
  • Shiva-class Nuclear Missile
  • Archer Missile Firing Array
  • 50mm point defence guns (8)
Complement 850 people, Warthog LRVs, Scorpion MBTs, ODSTs, HEVs
Length 485 metres
Width 75 meters
Height 75 meters
Role Mercenary Homebase
Affiliation UNSC (Formerly)

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